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  • Southeast Health Group
    is an Alcohol Addiction Rehab Program located at 711 Barnes Avenue La Junta, CO. 81050 and can be contacted by calling 719-384-5446. Southeast Health Group offers treatment services for Prescription Drug Abuse, Illicit Drug Addiction and Alcoholism

    Treatment Services Offered: Mental Balance Treatment Services, Outpatient Alcohol Treatment, Hearing Impaired Clients, Spanish Speaking
    Payment Options: Payment Assistance Through Medicaid, Medicare Assistance, Insurance - Private Pay, Insurance - Military, Self Pay

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  • Over 40% of teens surveyed who admitted drinking said they drink alcohol when they are upset; 31% said they drink alcohol alone; 25% said they drink alcohol when they are bored; and 25% said they drink alcohol to "get high."
  • "Social use" of alcohol consists of an occasional drink in the company of friends: a glass of champagne at a wedding, a cold beer after a softball game, or a glass of fine wine with a meal; social drinking has not been shown to kill brain cells, nor is there any research that indicates that occasionally having an alcoholic beverage adversely affects any major body organ.
  • Fatty liver, the most common form of Alcohol-induced liver disease, is reversible the individual abstains from using alcohol.
  • Alcohol elevates the mood and makes people feel good. The primary difference between a social drinker and an alcoholic is that the social drinker can ultimately decide when to stop drinking while the alcoholic cannot.

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